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About CyberTech-IT

Creative Web Design

We're Creative

We're a bunch of seriously skilled website and application developers, with a flair for design. How odd is that? Odd enough to take your presence in print, web or commercial to the next level.

We're Passionate

Finding the right company to translate your vision or help you visualise your dream can be a really tough ask. At Cybertech-IT we're geared towards satisfying you. Our undying love for what we do drives to achieve. What we sow, you reap.

We're Professional

Having the skills to do the job is one part of the solution. The other is having the discipline to get the job done in time and within budget. That's where we win!

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Our Services

Website Design

Finding just the right look for your online presence can be a rather daunting task. Our Fresh, Creative approach to website design will leave both you and your customers satisfied. With one eye constantly on usability, you can be guaranteed the freshest layouts and designs.

Website Development

When you think of functionality for your site, your first thought should be us. Our development expertise is unrivalled. Whether your requirement is for a CMS, e-Commerce Platform or an Online Portal, you can do no better than employing us as your digital partners. From PHP to .NET, we’ve got you covered.

Application Development

With the rapid growth and development of content and information, it is the challenge of IT to show you what you want and need to see. Streamlining business applications, report writing are all the domain of IT. We are able to assist you with any of your business application development, no matter what the language or the specification.

Corporate Video

Showing your business to the world can be a hard task at the best of times. But everyone loves a good story and what better way to show it than in a corporate video. Concept Development, Planning, Scripting, Shooting, Editing and Deployment to your desired outlet source. Whether it be for the online environment or HD DVD systems.

Graphic Design

The creative souls of Cybertech portray business vision in the form of art. These visions are then delivered as themes along with websites and branding projects. Cybertech is determined to allow your business to be marketed via its artistic vision and reason for existence.

Corporate Identity

The development of Corporate Identity involves the design and delivery of items such as Letterheads, Invoices, Quotations, Business cards, Company profile and Flyers. The Corporate Identity items are connected to the standardisation of the way others perceive your business.


In order to promote the existence and recognition of your business to the broader public, Cybertech designs and delivers custom Vehicle magnets, Business Signage for any kind of business operation.

Marketing Material

The printing line for Cybertech runs a daily mile of Business cards, Flyers, Brochures, Catalogues, Corporate Folders, Invitations and Calendars for our clients. We understand that every business wants to show the world what they offer and We offer you the world at your fingertips.

Large Format

For those picky passing trades who only read what their eyes are most drawn to , we provide large format marketing in the form of Rollup banners, Telescopic banners , A –frames, Pop-up banners and Posters

Promotional material

Your company is a cool name brand .The sooner everyone else believes that, the greater the perception of your company will become. We create branded: USB drives, Pens, Nametags, Armbands, Mugs, Key chains, Promotional clothing, Embroided logos and much more.

Our Process

  1. Requirements gathering

    The purpose of any project is to convert client requirements into accurate and beneficial deliverables. Cybertech therefore puts great emphasis on understanding client needs; requirements gathering are done via iterative consultations as to ensure precision of requirements.

  2. Design and blueprint

    Translation of requirements into a step by step plan is a key phase which ensures that client vision is captured within the solution to be constructed. Blueprinting plans are once again approved by the client in order to reach mutual agreement on the project plan.

  3. Implementation and testing

    Project managers, Consultants, Business analysts, Developers, Designers, Printers get into the same box with a plan and come out with a product which is tailored to client requirements. This solution is tested internally in order to comply with quality management standards.

  4. User acceptance testing

    Clients are then given an opportunity to test drive the product. The smooth drive check of the product then takes the process to the final step.

  5. Delivery and signoff

    In this step the client verifies the correctness of the solution via a formal signoff .The product is then handed over to the client who can now reap the business benefit of the solution, proudly produced by Cybertech.

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Our Works

What our clients saying

"He really care about making unique designs for their clients, and put in incredible effort to make the whole process a real pleasure."

Jak Doe

CEO @Intel

"My website couldn't look better after working with the him on the redesign. Now my site and corporate branding is outstanding! He is awesome."

John Doe

Manager @Web Planet

"I am incredibly happy with the increased traffic my site has received since working with you! He is the best at this job."

Jane Doe

Owner @Creative Agency

Some of our satisfied clients

Our Packages

CMS Pack

Function Pack

E-Commerce Pack

With the use of our talented designers and web specialists, this package guarantees that your corporate look and feel is captured within your website. In addition to this, you will receive our custom CMS back-end has been recognised as one of the most user friendly platforms around; you may use this friendly tool to update your website content and graphics daily. We also throw in a year of free hosting and support on our servers, now that’s value!

  • HTML5
  • PHP
  • MySql

Function Pack

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This Function pack CMS allows for complex back end processes such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Document Management (DM) Workflow as well as Operation Management Systems (OMS), the possibilities are endless. These systems typically help enterprises conduct seamless business processes and workflow management. Included in this package are: one year hosting and support as well as the supply of a training manual.

Custom function pack systems are tailored to your business needs and processes, drop us a line and let us help you take your business forward.

  • HTML5
  • PHP
  • MySql

E-Commerce Pack

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The E-commerce pack provides users with an online storefront, store owners can sell their products to clients without any staff or actual physical existence of a store, this saves time and costs for your enterprise and allows you to offer client convenience. In addition to this, Our CMS allows shop owners to update products and pricing with a click of a button.

What gives our clients the competitive edge is our built-in E-commerce analytics system, this allows users to monitor how many clients walked through their virtual shop door as well as what clients were looking for. Our E-commerce pack provides an ultra-secure transaction environment which means that buyers may purchase through your site with utmost peace of mind. Included in this package is free hosting and support for one year.

Sign up ! and join your store to the shopping centre of the 21st century.

  • HTML 5
  • Responsive Design
  • PHP
  • MySql
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